Chipmunks & Monkeys

Our toddler rooms are divided by age. Our youngest age group, the Chipmunks, is for children 12 months of age thru 18 months. This age group focuses on transition from infant to toddler by encouraging crawling, walking, eating table food, drinking from a sippy cup, sleeping on a mat, and learning to play in a social environment. Children in this room will go outside daily (weather permitting) for walks. 

Our Monkey class room was developed for children 18 months old. This age group focuses on the use of manipulatives to build motor skills, free play to enhance both creativity and socialization, playground activity to build large motor skills, art materials and language development. Children in this age group will go outside daily (weather permitting) onto the playground for free play.

Once a child turns one year old, Kidz Quarterz will provide a breakfast snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Meals are provided at no extra cost. 

Pandas & Bears

Our older toddlers are children 2 years of age and older. Circle time, art and outdoor play are all part of the routine at age 2. This age group focuses on developing fine motor skills and teaching socialization and verbal communication.  Circle time becomes a little longer, children are given pencils and crayons and encouraged to draw, scissors are introduced and encouraged to be used and dramatic play becomes popular! Kitchens, grocery carts and dress ups are found in the older toddler rooms! Please and thank you's are part of everyday use along with poems at lunch and snack time in this age group. Handwashing is introduced and used as well. 

What our parents are saying:

"Everyday when I drop my son off I know that he will have a good day. Each morning when we come into the parking lot he is smiling from ear to ear, no matter what mood he was in before. All the teachers have been supportive and great. I know this was the right fit for our family from the first tour. "

Elyse S, Camp Hill