Daily Updates With Brightwheel!

Kidz Quarterz has partnered with brightwheel, an app that gives you updates on your child's day in real time! 

Parents are invited to join brightwheel upon enrolling their child at Kidz Quarterz. Brightwheel is used to check in your child when you drop off in the morning, and to check them out when you pick up in the afternoon. Parents will receive real time updates on their child's day. Updates include diaper changes/potty times, curriculum activities (circle time, art, handwriting), outside play, and it gives your child's teacher the ability to send pictures/videos daily. Brightwheel also allows constant communication between you and your child's teacher through their messaging feature. 

For more information about brightwheel, visit their website at

What our parents are saying:

"Words cannot even begin to express how wonderful Kidz Quarterz has been to our family the last 7 years and how very much we appreciate all of you guys! You are all amazing and I truly appreciate how good all of the teachers are to my kids, and how extremely caring everyone is…not to mention all of the extraordinary things my kids have learned at Kidz Quarterz over the years and all of the great friends they have made…so I will say this many times THANK YOU, THANK YOU! "

Stacy B, Mechanicbsurg, PA